Thursday, August 21, 2008

New scooter, new scooter!

We've been talking about new purse smells on Elizabeth's blog, so it was funny that the first thing my daughter commented on as the new scooter came out of the packaging is the new scooter smell (leather seat).

I can't believe how much more comfortable this is than the old one!!! I had forgotten just how much more comfortable. The padding on the other one is like a brick, very thin when you take the cushion out. The new one feels like a good office chair.

The powerseat means I can get my legs under tables and a footrest isn't mandated. The longer leg length is also slightly elevated for comfort. The handlebars are 4 inches shorter than the GoGo allowing me to get close to a table rather than having to lean uncomfortably in or dropping food on myself. Powerseat allows me to elevate enough to use kitchen sink, do dishes *comfortably* (!), can chop vegetables from it and handle other things if I want to. Plus as a better scooter driver now the turning radius isn't as much of an issue as I would have thought, though I know it will be in some businesses. Much bigger basket. Higher back, supports more of legs, though I'd like an extra inch. Can reposition the tiller myself, as opposed to other scooter. Even when the tiller is pulled in close to avoid neck/shoulder strain, I can still get my legs out! Handlebar situation far more comfortable and ergonomically placed.

Can roll over upturned rug without stopping the thing, bodes well for door thresholds. The antitip wheels swing up so there's more clearance if you're going over a bump instead of being stopped short.

Seat will stay freely rotating rather than locking into place at one of three positions so that I can't move back and forth easily.

Did I say comfort? Gotta run--with the new scooter.

I love you, Amigo people!


FridaWrites said...

Argh, I accidentally deleted your comment, Yanub! Thanks so much--and yes, prob. a photo of it soon.

Only drawback is it doesn't stop as fast as the other one, so when people choose to step very close in front of me, it could be a bad choice for them if not for me. But no real complaints overall.

yanub said...

Ha! Serves 'em right if they step out in front of your scooter and get mowed down! Run 'em all down, says the lady with the cane. They can see what it's like to have someone come at them faster than they can possibly get out of the way.

I eagerly await the picture of both your scooter and your first pedestrian trophy.

D Phoenix said...

Yeah, doesn't the new scooter need a hood ornament? Look out! Here she comes. Glad you're so happy with the new scooter!!!

FridaWrites said...

Mardi Gras or other beads could hang from the handlebars of the old one--this one doesn't have handlebars, though. Yes, it needs some kind of decoration. Have been thinking about getting a custom bag made for this much larger basket since this one doesn't have a back pocket--to hide meds and bp cuff when I need it and the footrest and such. I also don't like to advertise, "My purse is in the basket, my purse is in the basket!" :) My purse could easily fit in a basket bag with a ton of other stuff. Wallets slide out of my pockets when I sit down for long, and I can only carry a teeny purse on me because otherwise it hurts.

It gets complicated shopping though, don't want to look like I'm putting stuff in to take it home with me. I've had store personnel get mad about this even when everything in the basket is completely visible!! And taken to the checkout aisle. Maybe a basket bag that can be pulled shut and things put in front of it.

Elizabeth McClung said...

That's great, I'm sorry I missed the original post but I am super happy that you got your new scooter and it is happy (well except for all those human bits stuck in your wheels from sliding into/over people). Sounds great. Now just need to get that pain thing sorted and we are ready to go.

FridaWrites said...

Yeah, it still rides pretty smooth despite the people crushing capabilities. Thank you--I should have told you when I've emailed but didn't think to.