Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Stop Me Before I Volunteer Again

I want this magnet (and a few others). See annetaintor.com for this and other merchandise. (1950s era advertising photograph of beautiful, smiling woman and a superimposed caption: "stop me before I volunteer again.")

Last night I had to leave before the nearly 3-hour PTA planning meeting was over (can't some of this be worked out in committee?) because the signs were getting stronger that if I didn't leave, I was heading toward passing out because of the severe pain of sitting that long. The new scooter is on order but not here yet, and the other scooter is painful, though the seating there is better than any chair at the school. After the meeting I sent out a couple of emails I needed to, including one to a friend I've known since my daughter was a toddler, if not a baby. She sent back a reply to the PTA question, but also asked if I'd be able to walk again or was still in recovery. I presume she meant from the surgery.

I clarified that I am able to walk for short distances, though I give out very quickly and sometimes I'm not able to get out for the next few days or can barely function if I do too much by putting myself in increased pain or risk passing out. I have to pace myself.

Both the question and my response make me feel odd. Since she's a friend, though not a very close one, I don't mind clarifying. I think people thought the surgery would cure everything, and really the surgery just touches on one area, not the most painful one. It does make me worry if people think I can't walk that seeing me walking around is going to lead to odd reactions. I guess it will. Using the scooter still makes me uncomfortable, and not just because of the seating. Sigh.

Speaking of perceptions and expectations, I saw a news story on the Olympics that says the girl who appeared to sing at the opening ceremonies was a lip syncher and that the seven-year-old who actually sang was pudgy and had crooked teeth. Why do people expect such physical perfection even from children, so that we can't accept their beautiful gifts? I haven't been able to watch the Olympics yet since our TV service has been out.


rickismom said...

I understand that some sports reporters made it up to her by "adopting " her. But it is sad. I am also upset that ANY singer today has to be "beautiful" to "make it".

FridaWrites said...

I definitely agree.