Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Difficult Questions

My daughter and I love spinach, and I've taken to sauteing it as one friend does, with a bit of garlic and green onion and olive oil until it's just wilted. But it cooks down fast--to almost nothing. There's your huge package of $2.50 package of leaf spinach in less than a cup. But you can buy twice as much in a can, already cooked, for less money. It doesn't taste as good, but there's more of it. Since it involves more processing, why the lower cost? We like that and asparagus, low calorie, yummy. She's trying a lot of new foods lately and seems to have similar tastebuds to me. She's got to be the only kid who takes California rolls in her little bento box to school--the other kids were fascinated and a few of them jealous.

The new scooter definitely handles grass and off-roads well, takes the relatively flat transitions from pavement to grass easily. While I wouldn't go mudding in it, it holds up pretty well. And I'm not finding the larger turning radius is a problem--lots of practice has made me much more adept at getting in and out of places that are accessible. Narrow hallways can be an issue in older buildings. One store I was in today was much easier to navigate than when I tried with the first scooter when I was new to it, the end of January or early February. The only issue still is that it doesn't stop as fast--when I take my hand off the control completely, it takes a second or two to stop. Don't walk in front of these, people! It's fun, by the way, to go in stores where baby strollers aren't allowed.

It was good to be out.

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