Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Good coincidences

I did call around about the letter; it was accidentally mailed to me by medical records. Knowing my own medical conditions and remembering the sequence of events that morning, I was able to figure out enough to know that the hospital staff rather than the surgeon broke protocol--I emailed the committee to let them know the specifics. I also emailed this to the surgeon since his letter indicated he wasn't aware that he was definitely not responsible. My husband was able to confirm my memories. I don't understand everything about this yet, but the fact that the letter was first directed my way was of benefit to another person.

Last night I had to stand in the middle of our bedroom to get any pain relief at all while waiting for another dose of medicine to kick in a little. I tried to doze standing up. Standing up started to hurt but not as bad as lying down. I can't think straight. The rheumatologist's office just called to say they have an opening and can get me in tomorrow rather than Friday. "Small" blessings count and an office staff person who remembers counts for a lot.


D Phoenix said...

I hope your appointment went well today. Sleeping standing up? Damn, that's awful. Fingers crossed for a little positive news on the medications front.

FridaWrites said...

It went well--I'll post on it in a bit. Sounds like there are meds to help.