Monday, September 8, 2008

Confusion Without Context

A staff member accidentally mailed a response from one of my doctors to the quality assurance committee at the hospital to me. I wasn't aware there was an issue. While, as the doctor pointed out on the letter, my outcome was fine, I feel a little decentered by this since there's not enough information in the letter for me to understand what happened. I feel weird about asking since I'm fairly certain this original was mailed to me by accident rather than to the committee. That's a little disempowering. I also like the office staff and mistakes happen so I don't want to get them in trouble by asking, if it actually was an accidental mailing rather than a completely inexplicable bcc without a context.

My husband had this letter at the bottom of his mail, so it's been here for a few weeks.


Wheelchair Dancer said...

eee. yowzer


FridaWrites said...

Exactly. I feel off kilter.