Saturday, October 11, 2008

Don't Tip the Scooter

Tuesday I rode a tram with the kids, first time on any public transport with the scooter. The whole thing almost tipped over backwards on the ramp, the front wheel going off the ground. And the tram was low, not even a bus. The driver, who was standing there next to me, was as scared as I was, I think, gauging by the exclamation and the facial expression. With two staff people and my husband there, though, I didn't flip. This isn't something I anticipate trying by myself anytime soon.

The scary part (if this isn't scary) is that I have no control over it once it descends--once the back wheels drop off the ledge, there is no braking because the acceleration and gravity takes care of the rest. I also can't control turning at that point because it's too fast. If it doesn't go on the ramp straight within a hair's width, I'm screwed.

Dangerous! Lifts are better.

Even if the doctors can't see my pain level, other people can. When our Tai Chi friend asked how I am doing this week, my husband mentioned where we were going. He exclaimed, "She can't do that!" (He said this from concern, he really does understand and see the pain level.) Ooh, he misunderstands my stubbornness. I had to drug myself heavily to deal with being out so long, but it was well worth it.

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