Saturday, October 25, 2008


My daughter has gone from making no serves over the net during games to playing two back-to-back games last night (actually 2 sets of 3 games) and getting all but 2 of her serves over and scoring more points. I'm not sure what happened, but she held back less, and this is what made the difference more than skill. Confidence. They lost the first set, against the strongest team of the season, but won the second set, all 3 games. I thought she'd feel more pressured since her grandparents were there last night. I like this sport because all the kids get to play/rotate, and her coach is excellent, never letting the strongest players take over, so that the weaker players can learn. And that's what will allow all of them growth. She also allows only positive comments, which some of them definitely need, and which one of the stronger players needs because she's hard on both others and herself. They worked together more like a team last night.

It's fun to see them grow and learn.

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