Saturday, November 8, 2008

In recent news

My daughter was surprised that Obama won this year's election at school since Bush won the last one. So she polled all her friends and had them sign a list if they had supported either Obama or Clinton. The list surprised me--there are kids on there whose parents I would have thought aren't liberal, ones whom we'd avoided discussing certain issues with. With the ADA Restoration Act and this election, I'm excited about some of the possibilities.

But--news flash--texting, walking, and wheelchairs/scooters don't mix. Please look out for other people. Other families were also letting their boys play football behind my scooter last night at volleyball--dangerous to me and to other people. Both my husband and my father-in-law had to stand behind me to protect me. Plus it's really not appropriate there--it's distracting and disrespectful to all the girls playing (several games going on at the same time).

My brother-in-law has had a death in his family and will be here shortly to stay for a few days. One of our grandmothers was moved into assisted living--it's good to have her nearby rather than in another state. Our son's in withdrawal mode again, and my depression continues. I'd still like to move. This quitting work has been a mixed bag.

The kids, I can't keep up with them. They do some extracurriculars with school, thank goodness, but that means they're there even more hours. They each are very active in scouting. One's in a school service group, takes guitar and art after school, is on an art history academic team, is in choir, plays the violin, and plays volleyball. The other plays soccer, takes a building stuff class, and is one of the three from his grade on the spelling team. And I get lonely...I need real part time work, I think, but flexible in some way. I don't know. 60-70 hours a week, too much; 0, well, I am not I and don't even take care of the regular volunteer projects I should.

Am I depressed? Yes. Job loss (even self imposed) plus health issues can be depressing. I do think I should go back to my regular psychologist to figure this out.


yanub said...

Frida, I hope you're feeling better. I admire how your family seems to be there for each other in difficult times. It would be nice if your community was as good at coming together.

You are so right that those boys should not have been playing football during the girls' volleyball game. Not only was it dangerous for all the spectators, not just you, but it was incredibly disrespectful. The principal should be ashamed for allowing that sort of behavior instead of immediately putting a stop to it.

FridaWrites said...

They play at a volleyball association with a *lot* of courts, and since management is in a different place, I don't think they knew. I think they'd probably agree, though, and I'll let them know since it's an increasing issue week to week. Just seemed awkward to rat them out then.

It was disrespectful--and I think sexist, that girls' sports aren't taken as seriously.

D Phoenix said...

Jeeze, more to add to the game of Clue: AB Edition.

It sounds like a few sessions with the psychologist might be helpful. It's very tough to not be in the work force. It's a big battle to hang onto self-esteem when so much in our world validates working as measure of one's worth. Depression is a normal part of having chronic illness, that's for sure, but when it gets bad, it's good to have help with perspective and problem solving.

I'm sorry you feel depressed... but I'm heartened by the fact that you're open about it. Your not alone in your struggle, that's for sure. many of us walk (and roll) the same path.