Friday, November 28, 2008

My Labs Show a High Specialist Count

Who knew that there is a liver specialist? Well, there is, and I got a call from the rheumatologist this morning that he'd like me to go to one of those because my specialist count isn't high enough on my workups. My liver counts have been up since right before surgery--who knows, probably gallstones or elevated alkaline phosphatase from bone issues. The last go-round of this was when my daughter was a year old and I got everything ranging from full set of bone x-rays (whole body) to bone scan to every lab test known to man (or actually, woman). And we found--nothing. Except some increased bone uptake/stress fractures.

I think I'll ask the rheumatologist if he wants to sign me up for Medical Mystery because they generally have a good outcome and get to the bottom of things in thirty minutes.

I'm not really concerned right now, just annoyed, thinking sheesh, another costly round of elusive something-seems-to-be-wrong-but-isn't, but best to be sure I guess. I've already ridden this test-go-round ten years ago--my bone problems can lead to elevated results and it could be something as gallbladder. My doctor does not think my pain meds are high enough to cause problems, but I'm going to see about the pain management injections anyway so I can ease off the medicines and give my liver more of a break. I hope I was not too vehement with, "I don't drink!" because I really don't, though suddenly I would like a glass of wine with dinner now that I really shouldn't.

The other rheumatologist would have just ignored this. The other rheumatologist did just ignore this, come to think of it.


D Phoenix said...

My blog reading has been a bit disorganized and sporadic for the past several weeks... I just noticed that I missed this. I can totally understand that you are sick of going through tests, especially when they haven't payed off in the information dept. This is a full time job figuring out what to do or not do, yes? I would love to have a half hour or even a one hour mystery solving session with Dr. House or any other show.

But best to be sure. I think unless a test carries with it a big risk, it's best to be sure.

Pass the wine, sister!

FridaWrites said...

It's okay--my reading's sporadic sometimes too. It does feel like a full time job. And the rheumatologist also recommended I go back to the dermatologist, no no no no no. Got to try to handle that on my own first, though the labwork and everything else I'm going through with. We'll see.