Sunday, December 7, 2008

Take Some, Honey, Please...

When my husband shifts a little in bed and I shriek each time, or when he tries to roll over and I say, "how could you do this to me; what kind of person are you?" and it's 3 a.m., he brings the pain medicine and I give in. I've been trying to reduce the hydrocodone from 10.5 mg. a day. to about 5-7.5 so that I can be somewhat sedated for spine injections this week (narcotics interfere) and because my liver counts are still high. But that's not working so well.

Thanks to Sjogren's or something, I've been suddenly allergy free for the first time in my life after a weird allergic history to everything, so I'm now off Zyrtec. And off Daypro, verboten for injections, and Nexium since I only need it on Daypro. All of these medicines also metabolise through liver. And somehow my heart rate's also lower and I've been able to cut my heart medicine back.

A few of these medicines cause weight gain, and suddenly I've dropped 6 pounds in 8 days (yes!). I still don't know about the liver issues but am getting all kinds of blood tests I've never heard of and that the office staff had to get special codes for because they're not in the computer system. Anyway, I have more energy off these meds, and without all the little side effects, feel great, except for the pain.

It's bizarre to have the allergies disappear like that. I've really not changed anything significantly. But it's really great, let me tell you. I can even eat eggs.


yanub said...

I'm sorry about the pain, but the rest of your news sounds great! OK, not the upcoming spinal injections. But the incredible disappearing allergies and pounds! Woo-hoo! Gotta celebrate the good when it comes around, even if the bad still lingers like an unwanted guest.

FridaWrites said...

I'm hoping the injections will help be further back off the hyrocodone; that was my major impetus for doing them now. Steroid effects aren't great, but my liver's kind of important.

Yes, the pain is fully invited to leave, anytime. :) Wouldn't you be as amazed if your allergies suddenly went whoof! and disappeared?

yanub said...

I would be doing the happy dance, for sure! Well, the happy limp, at any rate.