Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Bond, James Bond

We've been watching Pierce Brosnan, I mean James Bond, movies. Recovering safely from more spine injections (so I can surely reduce pain medications). That man is, oh, I would be so tempted to harass him. I had the opportunity to meet him with my job once except I couldn't because I was at the very end of my pregnancy. Sigh. Maybe I should have taken the risk and asked to be one of those to travel.

I'm still too brain fuzzy to follow the plot well, but it doesn't really matter. I get few celebrity crushes, but this has been a long lasting one.

The sedation experience was a bit like Wheelchair Dancer's--one second I was saying, "those are latex gloves!" and the next people are trying to give me something to drink in recovery.


yanub said...

You gave up your chance to meet your favorite celebrity for your child?! Heh. I hope you drag that tale out each Mother's Day and milk it for all it's worth. :)

FridaWrites said...

She doesn't know who he is yet, but I should, lol.

My son recently said he loves me because I gave birth to him. He's very much a mama's boy, completely unconditional mama love. My daughter's a mini-me, very much like me, only much improved, which is the point of parenting!