Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bitterness Is a Bad Pill

So I am not allowed to drive yet and have thus only been out of the house only once, briefly, in the past two weeks. My husband just went out with the kids. Did he think to take me? No.

They went to the craft store. No, nothing I would like there, definitely not...grrrr...


yanub said...

Frida, you're going to have to have a talk with that man. He really shouldn't have done that.

FridaWrites said...

Oh, I did, though I'm still kind of ticked off about it since I've been very patient because of his workload. I don't understand why things just don't click with him sometimes.

william Peace said...

Frida, We men tend to be oblivious to the nuances of life. I never cease to be amazed that the human species has survived as long as it has given the difference between men and women. Of course this is a sweeping generalization but one that has a basis in reality. I understand though about being stuck inside. I have had two pressure sores in my life. Four years ago I was unable to sit up for my than a few minutes. I was stuck in my house for 16 days and was ready to jump out of my skin.

FridaWrites said...

It is amazing how we think so differently sometimes. My husband likes being indoors more (as does my son), while I'm more social and need out. I think he was just thinking of what he would want (not having to go get the science fair project board and Pinewood Derby stickers).

When I was 11, I was in traction and then bodycasted and then dealing with joints that wouldn't move for a few weeks--that was almost 3 months until I got out much. I was a patient kid and liked to read a lot but that did make me half nuts. And I did get pressure sores then--those hurt!! And then itch like nothing else.

He apologized and feels badly enough that he's off the hook. :) I'm just too tired by the time he's done with working to get out then.

william Peace said...

Frida, I suspect we each went through the medical mill as kids. I am an academic because being hospitalized for months at a time is enough to drive anyone crazy. I sought refuge in reading and plagued my poor mother, father, and others to provide me with books, books, and more books. Thankfully hospitals are far more kind to sick kids as I never cease to be amazed a how different things are now.

Yes, pressure sores hurt! They are also deadly. And body cast are terrible. I was in a cast for 9 months--this was the norm for kids with scoleosis.

FridaWrites said...

Wow, it does sound like we've had some very similar experiences. I don't think I've talked to anyone else who was bodycasted above the age of 3 (which mostly they don't remember). The preview at that age made me aware at an early age of disability issues and I think made things easier for me psychologically in terms of acceptance.

The hospital I was in as a kid was pretty kid-friendly to me, though I was kind of isolated. After I was body casted, I went back home. My mother took really good care of me but wasn't a nurse and could have used some home health care relief (I was a full time job for her, plus taking care of the rest of the family) and better instructioning. We battled flu/pneumonia, kidney infections, and nearly complete impaction because she hadn't been warned about what to do in advance. We also had a tornado once and there was nothing she could really do. She didn't get out of the house either except for a few runs to the grocery store while my dad watched me.

My pressure sores actually came from traction (hip fracture). I pulled myself out of the traction a couple of times during my sleep because of it.

Ugh, 9 months! That's really awful and difficult to recover from. Were you at home then or in the hospital? I was in a spica cast that went up under my chest so I couldn't sit up--could people in the scoliosis casts sit up? I emerged from the body cast with severe scoliosis and kyphosis--and we thought I'd have to be bodycasted again from that (fortunately no), which was just awful to imagine. The kyphosis went away and much of my scoliosis somehow mostly disappeared over the years.

I have found some propensity to develop pressure points from spending much time in my scooter now. I alternate sitting on the regular seat as is with using a foam cushion now. The newer scooter is also far better in this regard. I hope your seating prevents pressure points now?

Sorry to ramble on--I just haven't met anyone else with these experiences.

Elizabeth McClung said...

Oh, that was harsh, your husband went to the craft store without you? Yeah, probably had a conversation all in his mind with you, only didn't bother to say it out loud, and give you the choice. SUCK!

You should talk to Lene about having to be in hospital and the equivilent of body cast too.

FridaWrites said...

Oooh, Lene too?