Friday, January 23, 2009

Why We Can't Be Complacent II

If you haven't heard about Minna, a Canadian woman with ALS who has been denied basic care, please read her story as told by a journalist.

For ways you can help, see

As I know from reading Elizabeth's blog, there seem to be few checks on abuses in home health care in Canada.

Let's take a few minutes and help rectify the situation for everyone.

Why is she not receiving care? She made a complaint that the nurses were not following physician orders. So the agency is denying her care and sending a cautionary message to people with disabilities that they don't have a right to free speech or protest. Want to speak up? Think again, the Canadian health care system seems to say.


yanub said...

Frida, I too immediately thought of Elizabeth's troubles with VIHA when I read about Minna. I'm finding the lack of ethical accountability in Canadian home services very troubling.

FridaWrites said...

While some in the U.S. can't get home health care, from the limited experience I've seen with others, what there is seems to be better. There are still issues, but not to this level.

FridaWrites said...

I just sent emails to Bartolucci and Caplan ad metioned Elizabeth's case as well. Folks, it only takes a few minutes!

Elizabeth McClung said...

I will send a letter, when we notified the agency of a woman who almost killed me with giving me incorrect medications at wrong times, they gave me two options: I have all care reviewed and all night care taken away OR I say I don't want that woman anymore and she goes on to kill other people.

Because I started an investigation by the ombudsperson into why I don't have a nurse or a health assessment for my care, the response from VIHA has been to have the manager NOT contact me for months and finally have a nurse assigned to me but who will not do a home assessment.

My manager is the same one who ran the respite where the male attendant overpowered me to take down my panties/underwear; there was no oversite, I never saw her during the day, there was no one protecting the people who were staying there.

I am sorry if I am a broken record, but Victoria has over 70,000 people who need or will need some form of care and currently a monopoly takes care of thousands of them, or rather doesn't. Sigh. ALS, when you are truely dependant, I feel, that all people in our situation should be given adaptive tasers and if orders are not followed, that is abuse, if physician orders are not followed, that is abuse - taser them as part of a citizens arrest until the police can come. It is BECAUSE we are seen and kept as helpless and silent that no one thinks of what WE want - I am sure there are after incident reports or counselling for careworkers, but what about for those in care? ARG!

FridaWrites said...

What you've experienced is definitely abuse and criminal, and I'm sorry about that.

Cases like yours and Minna's set a bad precedent for freedom of expression and the ability to file grievances and remove accountability from the system. I hope publicity from some of these cases will lead to some change.