Monday, February 2, 2009

Fortune Cookie Fun?

Might I suggest a new genre, lolz fortune cookies, kind of like lol cats. Here is the gem in the fortune cookie I just opened:
An interesting medical opportunity is in your new future.



yanub said...

"Interesting" and "medical opportunity" are not two terms that most people are excited to experience. Oh, I know. Maybe at your next doctor appointment, you'll get to model the latest in paper gowns. Tres chic!

FridaWrites said...

Considering I have an appointment tomorrow and none of us had any fun at our last visit (catheters gone wrong), I'm darkly suspicious of the cookie. At least we're friends. I hope she's not got rid of the cloth gowns--those at least give some semblance of comfort--she's one of the few to use them since they take Effort and money.

D Phoenix said...

LOL. Quite the cookie, cookie. So, now you have a "new" future? When did that happen? Did they hook you up with one in exchange for the body part you lost?

Lisa Moon said...

I have an appointment tomorrow, too! I shall be hoping that yours goes well, also.

But I agree: those words seem a little... um, iffy for us, especially!

I'd take paper gowns over what a former doctor went for, for ease (for HER) in physicals: the giant paper napkin! No sleeves, just this giant paper... yep, a napkin is what it was! Freezing cold, does not stay on, thin and rippable... yup!

Warm cloth gown wishes for your apppointment. :)

Disgruntled Ladye said...

That's a horrible fortune!

FridaWrites said...

LOL, Donimo, I'm not sure. Granted, I'm going to the dr. who decorated my scooter with Mardi Gras beads last year, so maybe I'm overthinking.

Lisa, that's awful! I've also had to talk to doctors in paper completely unnecessarily and found it humiliating.

Yeah, I'm wondering who would think up such a fortune, Disgruntled, and about the irony that it landed in my hands in particular. I think I'd not be happy about it landing in a family member's, though.