Thursday, March 26, 2009

Blessings: Another Unintentional Blog :)

We were allowed to spend what is left in our medical reimbursement account *today,* all funds through the end of the year, not just through March. So I had a shopping spree of over $2000 in one afternoon and evening. I'm feeling a little giddy. I took the kids to the pediatrician this morning and had fun at the podiatrist this afternoon (nail removal) and did this wild amount of shopping between appointments and after.

Please understand that I am normally indecisive and think long and hard about what I want, trying to decide optimally between items and to get something that will be well used and is lasting quality while also maximizing coupons and discount codes (which I also did here). This kind of rapid decision making really is dizzying for me.

I bought the Tilt in Space for the scooter (under manufacturer price), a $600 Supracor wheelchair cushion for $400 that can be exchanged for other cushions/medical equipment if it's not what I need, a clear (left-handed) foldaway desk for the scooter, a cupholder that will fit my armrest, a side ziptop bag for the armrest (I like the pretty ones but am glad to get this one) and a cover for the electronic tiller for when it rains. Also, a boatload of contact lens solution and over-the-counter medicines we use. It got difficult after getting the Tilt in Space, cushion, desk (these three very much wanted) and medicines to decide among accessories, but I think I did well.

I felt a little stressed from the fast researching and price shopping and trying to get the best for our money, but thank God for this. I'd probably never have bought the Tilt-in-Space or the wheelchair cushion otherwise--I could never justify the expense. But they may allow me to sit up a lot longer with a lot less pain in the scooter. :)

By the way, the police in the mid-size city where we shop and the kids go to school have no authority with disability parking. They have been instructed not to issue tickets unless they can find the driver--because they'll be thrown out of court. Not so with the nearby large metropolitan area, which will issue warrants if the tickets aren't paid. Frustrating for officers too!

Our latest parking violator: the strings teacher, across an access aisle and disability place. Her friend the children's choir director can barely walk from arthritis, uses a cane, and sits to teach. There are a lot of frequent violators.

So I'm blogging again. Just don't worry if I don't for a while or it's sporadic. Just lots to take care of.


yanub said...

I'm glad you were able to get in some health care, but what kind of reimbursement account is it? A flex account where they assume you will be paying X amount in each month? I'm curious just so I understand better how these accounts work.

You seem to have made very wise decisions in your spending, probably--with the exception of the Tilt-in-space the same decisions you would have made over a longer period, so don't be second-guessing yourself.

I am astonished at the attitude at your kids' school and your town. I bet they'd be right embarrassed if someone were to start taking pictures and posting them online. Not you--I wouldn't suggest that what with you having to deal with these dingleberries for the sake of you kids. Maybe someone in the press needs a hobbyhorse.

FridaWrites said...

Yes, it's a flex spending account, but they told us we could spend everything put into it (they go ahead and make all the $ available at the beginning of the year) even though we don't have earnings through December. They told people who had already spent their account for the year that was fine (some people have surgeries early in the year or don't put in much) and that the rest of us could do so through the end of the day. I doubt most people did more than stock up on meds though--I mean a few years ago I wouldn't have needed all this.

It's going to be one decked out scooter. I still have to pay to have the Tilt in Space installed so that may be later. Wow to have really comfortable seating. We took the foam out of my cushion yesterday and squeezed it--it pushes pretty flat, so I do need more support.

I might have got the tilt in space if I continued to work--it's difficult for me to sit up long and way more comfortable to tip back in a high back office chair. I sure wanted to add it when I bought it.

Elizabeth McClung said...

That's great news and I know you needed a cushion, I am really happy for you; nothing like getting some heavy medicals for free! Congrats and I'm still thinking good thoughts and praying for job and/or eccentric rich benifactor.

Lisa Moon said...

Oh, I'm so happy that you were able to get such wonderful, helpful-sounding accessories - and a much-needed cushion! I had to look up the Tilt-in-Space, though I thought I knew what it did. Is it a mod for your scooter, or do you just put in under your seat..? Mostly found chairs with it built-in when I did a search...

Anyway, I'm glad to hear you've gotten a great cushion - and at a deal! It's so criminal that they can charge so much for things people MUST have... sigh.

OH, wait, just read your comment after Yanub's; looks like it's a mod for your scoot. Makes sense now. How exciting! And a desk?! Wow, haven't seen those for a scooter! Whoohoo! :D

Next time I'm on my scoot, you know I'll be thinking of you and hoping you're enjoying your new mod+accessories. Scooter bling! :)

FridaWrites said...

Yeah, disability is terribly expensive. Thanks for the prayers; I have an appointment with vocational rehab on April 24. Let's hope they can actually place or help place people in this economy and that hubby gets a job since the fact is that he can earn more. I used to know rich benefactors when I worked in nonprofit. Long time ago!

FridaWrites said...

Lisa, yes, I'll have to take it in to the dealer to have it installed (which will cost some extra money but there's a maximum we know about). It may take us a bit to get to schedule, but I think by the end of the month it should be good to go.

The desk can be for scooter or wheelchair--I have problems when there's no surface available sometimes. I think that one's on its way already.

The cushion order place can be a bit slow sometimes but that's okay. It does get really difficult to wait right at the very end for something like that (as it was with the Amigo). I feel perched and ready. Hope it doesn't have to be exchanged, which will take longer.