Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mortgage assistance

Our mortgage will be placed into forbearance for up to six months, which will just extend the time we have to pay it at the end of the loan. Whew, that buys us some time for jobs or for trying to sell it. Advice: call the mortgage company early. They don't want even more houses dumped on them now or more losses when someone may be able to pick up the same loan terms shortly. We can also have the terms of the loan modified if new jobs are at lower pay. This is obviously a huge help and will stretch our funds much further.

Vocational rehab services is located in my parents' office building (!). Who knew? I've been assigned to a counselor and will have an appointment soon. This is all they do, place people with disabilities.


Lisa Moon said...

Hey, that's great news about the mortgage! What a huge relief!

Here's hoping the vocational rehab people are helpful and have 'real' jobs to look into, but anything that suits could be good for now... best wishes with that.

FridaWrites said...

We may actually postpone forbearance for now and use it in a few months, but yes it is a relief.

I hope they have jobs too--it's a difficult economy. They're nice people--I talked to them on the phone already.