Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Little But Not Much News

We're making it, no interviews yet, but we're doing fine and the kids are happy and healthy and enjoying regular activities. I'm supposed to be doing other things than blogging but have had a bad pain episode and have had to spend some time not moving much at all. Sitting up on the ischials just sends me into a downward spiral again. (I'm thinking, how's this full-time job going to work if I can get one?) This is, as always, temporary. There are lots of outdoor free festivals coming up between now and Memorial Day and we're planning to enjoy one of those each weekend.

My twin sister is increasingly showing signs of spondyloarthropathy, same exact areas and symptoms as me, increasingly over the past year or two; it's gone from ache to trouble getting up and around. I just hope hers does not progress as much. She was also in a bad pain episode the past few days and could not pick up the baby or walk around her house or complete tasks. Pain medicines have not helped a lot with this for either of us, though we're both feeling better this evening. Why the same pain flares at the same time, many many miles away? Maybe it's the weather front that moved through both areas. It's not bad to have company in this, though I'd rather she not have pain. At least she has an answer instead of years of searching ahead. The good news is that she doesn't have all the other spine and bone problems and there's not a reason to think she'll necessarily acquire the other physical problems I have. And she has access to info. :)

She confirms our mother never got my pain level when I was small because she said I never complained and only showed pain immediately on fracture or when a bone was set. No wonder I got dragged around everywhere, I guess I didn't complain enough.


Wheelchair Dancer said...

You have a twin! Glad things are generally holding.



FridaWrites said...

Yeah, I have all kinds of secrets, giggle. Thank you for the support. :)

hugs back