Wednesday, May 20, 2009


pain pain pain pain pain. Am so useless. Husband thinks I should try Enbrel despite what I say about it. They do have financial assistance available. I have really not had a "good" day in a week and a half. I was okay for a few hours this morning, but not now. A few hours is not enough.


D Phoenix said...

Hey you, I'm so sorry that your pain has been so completely over the top lately. I wish I could be around more, but I'm in a bad place anxiety and pain-wise. I'm thinking of you and wishing for some relief for you. And fewer instances of sputtering disbelief and struggle where there needn't be struggle if people would just freaking smarten up!

I'm still open to chatting online, if we cross paths. I think I'd be better at a live chat than reading and commenting on blogs.

But, yeah, keep strong, my dear, but, by the same token, don't be too hard on yourself. Thinking of you...

yanub said...

May you find something to help with the pain soon, or whatever has caused this most recent pain spike to go away. Preferably the latter.

Lisa Moon said...

Oh, sweetie... you're NOT useless AND I DO recognise and understand the feelings behind saying that. Really.

I'm so sorry you've been in so much pain; seems to be the common theme with all of my blog-buddies right now - severe and extreme pain... often coupled with medication changes to try and deal with it all.

A friend with the same thing as I have (CRPS aka RSD) is considering trying Enbrel as new research wonders if it's actually immune related. Hmm...

If you're up to it, I'd be curious to hear your 'pros and cons' list about it. (Sorry if you've written this already and I've just missed it lately).

Wishing you far less pain and stress, my dear. (Pardon my endearments; I mean them respectfully and out of friendliness:) ).

And I agree: a few hours is NOT enough.


FridaWrites said...

Thank you, guys. Yes, I think I'll be up for chat soon, Donimo! I'd mentioned it and then all pain broke loose again, fast. I love to chat by gmail but have only done so once recently.

Thanks, yanub--apparently I have to be far more careful than I'd like to prevent pain.

Lisa, endearments are endearing--I use them with others too and hope they don't mind. In a nutshell, the primary pros/cons to me weight like this:
Pro--possibly good improvements in pain level, function/level of disability. About 50% of people experience significant improvement; the other half don't benefit.
Cons--I have other complex medical issues and tend towards reacting to drugs/having side effects. The side effects of Enbrel are drug-resistant illnesses--and I've had pneumonia twice in a little over a year, as well as other illnesses that could easily slip into it. Hanging around with little kids makes me more susceptible to illness. Risk of lupus (I'm ANA positive) or MS symptoms. Liver functions are already off. Long term health risks are cancers from suppressing the immune system, and I'm pretty young.