Thursday, May 14, 2009

Shock and awe

We just received a $100 WalMart gift card in the mail from strangers several streets over; the card is unsigned but the street address is on the outside. As far as I know, no neighbors know the situation we're in since we haven't had a chance to talk to people lately and the house is taken care of--looking up the address, this isn't anyone from the kids' school or activities. A humbling random act of kindness that's a reminder to pass it on to others when we can.

I am more concerned about neighbors who aren't running their utilities and have a small "for sale by owner" sign up.

Also, the kids are on CHIP and we don't have to pay even the $50 a year. $3 office visits, discount OTC meds, free prescriptions, free dental and vision, $10 total if hospital admission is needed. Huge savings compared to COBRA copays, premiums, and percentages. They don't need much, thank goodness, but one round of strep throat can set us back at this point. My husband joked, "you're not eligible for CHIP, are you?"


Megan said...

COBRA is terrible, having CHIP will definitely be less of a burden! It is always nice to be reminded that there are kind, caring people out there. It's easy to forget that not everyone is always out for themselves! =)

yanub said...

That sort of kindness is what keeps us all going in a world where moms at sports practice bully the disabled mom. Kudos to your generous semi-anonymous neighbor.

FridaWrites said...

Yes, it was a nice surprise! People may be giving less to charities in this economy, but I do see them giving more directly to others.

Lisa Moon said...

Yes, those unexpected acts of kindness can just be that boost we need when things are tough, yes?

I recall a tough time (it was all tough, really, as a young, single mum) when a neighbour - only there for the cheap rent while saving for a house purchase, I believe - brought over a bike, noticing my son didn't have one. It just needed a front wheel, which was $40 from the WalMart down the street.
At the time, that $40 was too much, but I hoped to save up for it so my son could enjoy it soon - he was quite excited.
Not two days later, I got another knock on my door; it was the same nice man, with the bike, bearing a shiny new wheel on the front!
In my shock, I began thanking him profusely while also somewhat protesting that it was 'too much'. He just said he hoped my son enjoyed it and walked off amidst my shock and wonder.
I closed the door and cried for a long, long time. I realised how I'd come to feel that no one really cared anymore and how hard things had been... and that one, kind gesture which wasn't a big imposition for him... meant so much to me.
And my son gleefully rode that bike until we couldn't raise the seat and handlebars any more; then we passed it along!
I'm crying a lot right now remembering this man's kindness. It did so much to renew my faith in people, which I hadn't realised how much that had come to suffer until his kind act.

I hope he was repaid many times over in good karma. :)

FridaWrites said...

I've missed you!

Your story's very touching. Gifts like that mean more than anything. I think when I've given to some people before I didn't realize the impact--and sometimes I hesitated, not knowing the possible reaction or worrying I'd offend. No longer.

Full Tilt said...

Wow! What fabulous posting and comments! I wish more people were like that.

Now, I'm wondering what little thing I may be able to do for someone!

I'll keep my eyes open!

FridaWrites said...

Yes, me too!