Saturday, May 16, 2009

When my twin sister lived in my state, she went to the same rheumatologist I did at the time. Now she doesn't have one. She called yesterday, had been to the doctor about her back pain.

Sister: She did an x-ray. She says my spine pain is from lumbar scoliosis.
Me: But you've always had lumbar scoliosis.
Sister: Yes...
Me: And isn't your pain in the SI joints and hip and not so much the lumbar spine?
Sister: Yes.
Me: Does your pain feel muscular or like bone?
Sister: Very deep pain, in bone. [Me: recognizing severe sacroiliitis.]
Me: You told her you have a sister with spondyloarthropathy and other rheumatologic diagnoses?
Sister: Yes, but she doesn't think that matters since we're not identical. [Me to self: but we're still related and it's inheritable; we're the same age and grew up in the same environment.] And my alkaline phosphatase has been high for five years...

Me: Grrrr


Full Tilt said...

Welcome to modern medicine, where the shortcut to the nearest diagnosis is king and whether or not the diagnosis is correct doesn't bother the doctor.

Can your sister phone up the former rheumatologist and get him or her to confer with the new doctor or perhaps get help to find a doctor that will listen?

Let us know what happens...

How are you?

FridaWrites said...

I think one of the common experiences of many of us is that some doctors immediately negate anything they don't discover themselves, without help.

Maybe w/discussing withe the old rheumatologist, but I think primarily she probably needs to find a new PCP, as I do. I'm hoping I'm as lucky with finding a new internist as I have been with the new rheumatologist.

Lisa Moon said...

OMG, yes, you're twins, but not identical?!


Shame you're not close enough that you could see the same (GOOD) doctors! I'll be sending out good vibes for you and your sis to find great new docs, ASAP.

PS Have to say it: PFFFT, nitwit! (The doc your sister saw).

FridaWrites said...

Yes, for good or for bad, there's just one of me. We'd seemed so different for so long and now we seem to be becoming more alike again, in other ways too. Not in every way.