Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Drama in Real Life: A Reader's Digest Exclusive

I let both rheumatologists (former and current) know about the neurology appt. yesterday. Rheumatologist #1's office just called insisting I see him even though he's not my doctor anymore because he absolutely does not agree with the safety of me going on Enbrel. The nurse wanted to know whether I had already ordered it or started it. They said they can work me in in an hour today (no, can't move) or early in the morning Thursday--this from the office where it takes six weeks to schedule a visit for acute matters. So maybe not putting me on it last fall was not a matter of not believing me about the arthritis. Yes, I'll go in--it's probably important to hear what he has to say. Apparently he doesn't own stock in Enbrel.

Roller coaster.


yanub said...

Did you get in already? I'm anxious to hear your report on what he suggests you do.

FridaWrites said...

News at 11...or soon anyway. :)