Thursday, July 23, 2009

from Frida's husband

Frida is fine - as well as can be expected - and is now home. Lots of pain and nausea post surgery, but the pain is more under control now and the nausea has mostly subsided. Surgery went well; the growths don't look cancerous. No new bleeding issues.

Getting there was interesting. As usual, we were in rush to get out the door. After dropping off the kids, we saw the low air pressure indicator go off and were hearing a strange repeating noise. Yep, the tire was punctured and was losing air FAST; a large Allen wrench was jutting out of the tire. Fortunately, we were close to a Discount Tire, so we drove it there. They didn't have the tire in stock, but while I waited for them to put on the spare (which is ridiculously complicated on our mini-van), my dad picked her up to take her to the the hospital, and I fortunately was able to make it up there in time before her surgery.

She came home to a post card from Elizabeth. Thanks!


yanub said...

Thanks for the update! I am glad to learn that Frida is clear of at least one worry and can focus on just recovering from the surgery instead of worrying about another.

An allen wrench?! Of all things to have pierce a tire! And, of course, on the way to a surgery!

FridaWrites said...

At least it took my mind off things--just trying to get all the preadmit stuff done in time was difficult--they run a tight schedule.

He almost didn't make it up there in time before that. I felt bad about abandoning him and the sinking ship but I really didn't want to reschedule. I was glad my in-laws were close.

D Phoenix said...

Wow, Frida's wild ride. I'm glad you didn't have to reschedule. No new bleeding, whew, that's good. Sorry you've gone through a lot of pain. Can they get you something stronger for the nausea? I know people who have used ondanzatron (sp?) very successfully post surgery when they have to take opiates. I'm surprised you are home so early, but being in one's own space is so much more healing than a sterile hospital with bad food.

I hope the pain keeps easing and your recovery goes well and that there's something decent on TV!

FridaWrites said...

Nausea's all gone. Being at home is better! No heating pads or much in the way of hot packs up there and I really needed that for pain control. Cheaper than pain meds! Next time I have surgery I'll bring my own--I've also run into that with ice packs in the past.

D Phoenix said...

Yeah, we've built up our own coping systems at home, eh? I took my special pillow, a foam underlay and a heating pad to the hospital years ago. I'm glad I've only been in the once and haven't had to have any surgery. The surgical pain along with your daily chronic pain must be very hard to cope with. I'm glad the nausea is gone. Day by day, better and better.

FridaWrites said...

I took my own pillow and blanket for spine surgery, but I haven't taken much for day surgeries. They've told me with all of them to take the absolute minimum, but I had trouble sleeping after I had the kids because of neck pain with their pillows plus being in a different spot.

The postsurgery pain was really bad and seemed to exceed the post-spine surgery pain immediately post-surgery. It didn't last, thank goodness.

Lisa Moon said...

Oh, relief to hear that one worry can be crossed off the list. Phew.

And how stressful to have a flat on the way - an Allen wrench, indeed!?!

I tend to agree that it's easier in many respects to be home than at hospital (always a good place to GET sick), with sometimes uncaring nurses, uncomfortable beds and yep, crappy food.