Friday, July 24, 2009

Glad I Had Surgery

I'm glad I had surgery when I did because there were pre-cancerous cells; the doctor called this afternoon. Nothing else needs to be done for now, but if I have any more bleeding after this stage (she anticipates I'll still have it in the next week or so), I will have to have a hysterectomy.

Dear body: seriously?! Stop!


D Phoenix said...

No pre-cancerous cells. Hooray! It's good that you found out so quickly. I'll keep my fingers crossed for the cessation of bleeding and a hysterectomy-free future.

Thanks for keeping us posted.

FridaWrites said...

There were pre-cancerous cells! Just not the cancer ones. Yes, we'll hope everything keeps going fine. Thanks for always being so supportive. :)

The Goldfish said...

Fingers crossed indeed! Do remember that both this and the gallstones are may be entirely unconnected to your overall health - you've just had a run of bad luck. That is, don't despair of a near future with far fewer actual crises of health than you've had in the last six month. Here's hoping.

FridaWrites said...

I think you're right. I always had the menstrual issues--even after the birth of both kids.

I told my husband this is one more thing I can mark off my medical history soon, but he pointed out it just moves to a different column--previous surgeries. Argh, I find my medical history embarrassing.

FridaWrites said...

To be clearer, even though I had the one issue a while it generally didn't affect overall health (i.e., I do agree). I guess it might have soon, but maybe all of this will be behind me soon.

Lisa Moon said...

Oh, gosh. What a phone call to receive! I'll certainly be keeping you in my thoughts, hoping that things set themselves right without need for further procedures.

Funny (not haha, but odd) I've been considering the potential benefits of a hysterectomy myself. Sure, I'm not about to be offered one (I don't think) as I've not had serious enough issues to warrant it... but after hearing some other women with my disorder (CRPS/RSD) say that their menstrual cycles make the pain intensely worse at times, I've not been able to help about almost fantasizing that having it out might bring a more stable pain rating... but there's also risk involved with any surgery for someone with CRPS - namely setting off the condition, potentially sparking a worsening and/or spread of the disorder. Umm... scary.

Anyway, so happy to hear that your recovery seems to be progressing well. I hope you FEEL well, too.


D Phoenix said...

Jeeze, how did I read that wrong? Fibrofog, I guess. Sorry. But good that they got at them. Hooray?

I'm with Goldfish in hoping that the health crises that have popped up lately will subside and you can get on with managing your already full enough plate. Enough, already.

Thinking of you... even though I may not always be thinking *clearly* :)

FridaWrites said...

It's okay, Donimo! I get post-anesthesia or pain fog a lot myself, I really do. And read another way, yes, I have no precancerous cells now, they're out of there. Yes, hooray, that's absolutely great. I would have been so upset with myself if I had put it off any longer and it had become cancerous. I'm also so grateful my gyn listens and believes--I changed to her years ago because another one didn't. Thinking of you, too, a lot. :)

Lisa, thank you so much for all your supportive comments. It must have been a wee bit stressful to start at the beginning and wonder what was going to happen over the next few posts. I also have the extra pain along with my cycle--it makes a big difference.