Monday, July 27, 2009

More non-updates-doing fine

I am continuing to do fine so far! And I'm very pleased with that. Not much pain or bleeding and very thankful I had surgery when I did--I know I'd have been very upset with myself if I had let it go. And glad the doctor paid attention--she said people my age just absolutely don't get this, not for another 15 years, and even then, it would have only been 1/200 chance of being cancerous (she said 1/100, but I'd also looked it up). She said she was shocked by how things turned out. But I think we're both relieved now.

I keep getting locked out of my gmail and blogger account (password has been the same forever), so I've got to run more extensive spyware and virus protects and get my husband to help with computer security; husband says its probably some malevolent software. This means prying the computer out of my hands when he gets a chance and not giving it back for a bit. Nothing really that I'm worried about being compromised but sick of it. We've had our credit card number taken before and charged up years back, and if this happens again, I think a better punishment than jailing someone is transferring all our debts to them, and I actually would propose it as a serious solution. I am mad and was madder last night. That's just wrong. I will be in the middle of writing an email (or a blog post yesterday), and I'll get logged out because someone has opened the account on another browser (not my spouse, not me in another window or using another browser). I know that's what's happened because I got the same error message I did when two of us at work would log into the same account at the same time (joint account for a shared project). And then the same password I've had forever won't work when I try to log back in. And I tell you, after the work I put into the blog post yesterday, which vanished into the ethers, except for a few sentences, I was ticked, ticked, ticked. If someone's been in my account for other reasons, they are in a lot of trouble and I am not.

Still unsure about Enbrel. I asked today, and it does not increase the risk of gyn cancers, just other cancers. I know other people say they're healthier on it because they have an overactive immune system that attacks everything. You should see me waffle when I have to make bigger life decisions!

Driving to the hospital today, I looked at every business we could as we passed and estimated that about half lacked disability parking at all (many small businesses, thirty minute drive) and about a third to a quarter were completely inaccessible. There's something to be said for new construction! I still don't think I could get into Starbuck's by the hospital (my parents gave us a gift certificate). There is one curb cut at the end of the lot, but there's a big concrete planter-trashcan by the Starbucks that I don't think I could steer around. There are other places I can get into, though. I have traveled to al ot of other cities and states and don't think this is atypical. In fact, it may be more accessible than other places, especially with a lot of new construction.


yanub said...

So glad to hear you continue to be on the mend from the surgery.

It never occured to me that anyone would want to hack a google account. I wonder whatever for? I can't get into the mind of some people, and I suppose that is for the best. My main problem with google is that it seems to have corrupted code or something that gives my browser fits.

Disability access is pathetic. Would it be that hard for states to train county extension agents to offer advice on business accessibility? It would be a convenience and attraction for any business.

Nick said...

Here's my post on how bad America's accessibility still is, even NINETEEN YEARS after the ADA became law!!! Ridiculous!


FridaWrites said...

Yanub, I'm sure people hack for all kinds of reasons. Someone also hacked my daughter's account for access to her Webkinz codes and removed and transferred everything to themselves. They took all the items she'd acquired for her stuffed animals! (They're a computer account associated with them for their "care," games and so forth.) Probably a teen. I am even more ticked about that!

County extension programs are a good idea. I also think Chambers of Commerce could do some big education campaigns that would help both the businesses that belong and people wanting access to the business.

Nick, I'm heading over to read--thank you. You are right, access is still terrible!

Lisa Moon said...

Wonderful news! And it's sooo frustrating when doctors are all like 'Oooh, I didn't think that could *ever* be YOU!' or whatever. I had the exact same thing with my hypothyroidism.

Quickly, I went to my doctor of many years after having the nastiest cold/flu/earache combo that went on forever. It was a bad winter and everyone had been really sick, I'd heard, so didn't think too much of it - since I'm not often sick, I guessed that was my 'due'.

Then, after being so sick for so long, I started gaining weight. My jeans stopped fitting, and it seemed more than a few extra, winter padding pounds. Also, I was still exhausted from being sick. Not sure how long this went on before I saw the doc about it, but by then I'd gained a LOT of weight - weight that I only too recently had lost, 3 years after having my son.

I was feeling pretty depressed, too, and asked what could possibly be making me gain weight when I wasn't eating any differently?

She told me it could be hypothyroidism, but very unlikely in someone in their early-twenties (I was 23 at the time). She didn't seem too concerned and since it was 'so unlikely' I didn't get the simple blood test to find out at that time. When the depression became terrible, I went back.

Guess what? You got it: 'normal' thyroid test results (TSH) at the time ranged from 0.5 to 5.5; the higher the number, the lower your thyroid function.

My doctor called me at home to tell me mine was *15* (BAD) and I needed to get on medication immediately.


And that is something that, while it slows down your entire body's systems, wasn't immediately going to do much damage. In your case, that could have been another story with an unhappy ending.

I'm VERY relieved and proud of you for standing your ground! And it sounds like your doctor learned a valuable lesson (I hope) to not assume just because something is unlikely that it isn't just the case!

Hackers? Identity theft? GOSH, like you need more stress! How infuriating! I hope by the time I read more that's been sorted out for the good. :)

I was going to ask about the ADA, being Canadian and not overly familiar, when I saw Nick's post. Hmmph, 19 years?!

Your description of the Starbucks sounds just like the Tim Horton's (a Canadian chain which is massive, nationally, serving cheap coffee, donuts and the like) by my house, with the heavy concrete garbage cans (2 of them!) flanking the entry doors and taking up much of the sidewalk to get to said door. Worse, the ramp isn't AT the door, it's at the end of the sidewalk... I once thought to try fitting my scooter past the garbage and still be able to manage the heavy doors which swing outward, of course. Made it past the garbage, but wasn't going to be able to angle right to pull the damned heavy door open (with the pull-shut spring arm fighting me). Luckily some kind coffee-ers helped me with the door. Once inside, I was actually able to move about surprisingly well.

Recently I stopped at a gas station for a drink, so went inside for that reason. Noticed the sign on the wall by the front door, which read "Wheelchair Access Area" or something close. It was in front of the curb cut. All would have been good, but they decided to 'pretty up' the gas station store with two large flower-filled urns, successfully blocking any 'wheelchair access' that they'd proudly posted signage for!

I'm planning on writing or calling the manager of the station on that one!

I mean, do we need flowers outside the gas station store?