Friday, July 10, 2009

One Reason Not to Skip Dermatology

Wisdom for this week: don't skip your dermatology appointments. I now have scarring from relatively minor psoriasis where hair won't grow back in, though fortunately the area is not too huge and can be combed over. Yay, me, trying to save time and money by skipping one more specialist.

I don't want more of this, though, and hope I can keep it under control so more of this doesn't happen. Where I've lost hair from pain, that will grow back in. I'm in an endless cycle of new growth versus fallout from pain--when I made the appointment, I was panicky and had far less hair. Now I have more--which will fall out again from the pain the past few weeks.

I really like this dermatologist--without me explaining, she understands I can't follow complex routines and need the easiest solutions possible. So we'll hope for the best. My skin is a lot better with going wheat-free. I'd have done that a long time ago if I'd realized.


yanub said...

Was your skin rough, red, and uneven and prone to hosting atopic events? Because that's how mine was before I quit the wheat.

I didn't know psoriasis could lead to permanent hair loss. Important fact, that.

Elizabeth McClung said...

Ahh, when does the good news come? At least this specialist you can work with and I hope have more hair. Please, please don't tell me that pain makes hair fall out or I will be bald, bald, bald - maybe I should shave it down and then people will think I have chemo - no, that's wrong, how to educate without explaining that no, I am not gong bald naturally - nor are you - there is somethind decidedly unnatural about this, something cruel to pick away at the little things that we didn't even know gave us comfort, or vanity. Or maybe just to fit in, and not have one more think to be stared at for.

I am glad you hair will come back, or I hope it will, if I could make it come back I would.

FridaWrites said...

Yes, she's really nice. Hair that falls out from pain will come back! This is one of the most unfair parts of illness for women, I think. I want to look healthy, not ill.

FridaWrites said...

LOL, yanub--yes, it was! And it's probably good to get the word out to other women about it so they don't run into the same situation.