Monday, September 7, 2009

Automatic Page Turner

I don't know if this product would be helpful to other people, but I've posted a link below for an automatic page turner for books. With this automatic page turner, books are held open hands-free and pages can be turned with the push of a button or with a sip-and-puff or foot pedal. For those who have trouble holding a book, keeping it open, and turning pages (even bookholders require frequent repositioning), this may be of some use. I have not tried this product myself but researched for one before I stopped working.


It looks like someone must adjust it every 20 pages read, but still, it does give some additional independence and allow books to be read where they can't. One of my friends has had to give up reading everything but electronic texts on the computer--she cannot afford a Kindle or books for it and cannot hold books or turn pages.


yanub said...

Wow, that thing is noisy!

I do wish there was a good, inexpensive solution to the book-holding problem. Like your friend, I seldom read anything anymore that isn't on my laptop. Holding a book open is very hard on my thumbs, wrists, and shoulders.

FridaWrites said...

Well, there is one thing I have that may help and is pretty inexpensive--it's the PhiferReader book holder--
For more stability and to raise it, I put a pillow or light lapdesk on my lap with it on top, or it can also be used on one of those lightweight laptop trays.

yanub said...

Oh, that one looks great. I will have to put it on my wish list now. Thanks!

Unknown said...

The PageFlip page turner has now launched and it is evidently much quieter. There are several videos on that demonstrate how to install a book, load up to 10 sheets (20 pages), and how to use it on a table or piano/music stand. It seems wonderful for people with disabilities as well as musicians. It looks great!