Tuesday, September 8, 2009

crap, offline for a while

My grandmother just called from the ER about my grandfather; today's procedure didn't go well and resulted in a medical emergency. Have to get my uncle when he's off work. Anticipating being offline for a while.

Update: Thanks for the good wishes, am hoping to sleep tonight. To everyone's surprise, not only did the pneumothorax resolve, but he was alert this morning and they were able to wean him off the ventilator and extubate him (that's a needle biopsy gone very wrong, where the patient comes in fine and ends up on a respirator a few minutes later). He ate all the broth and popsicles and jello for lunch and fed himself most of his supper. Yesterday things looked so bad we didn't anticipate him waking again. Needless to say we're glad he's alert and comfortable. This isn't the way he wanted to go--he didn't want all these interventions and wants to live out the remainder of his days at home. He only went in for a fast needle biopsy!, and they said they wouldn't have done it if the risks had been explained in advance rather than right before they wheeled him off after his hearing aids had been removed. At this point, if he has cancer, he has cancer but not much could be done anyway.

I spent last night at my grandmother's so I could have her there first thing this morning, didn't sleep last night, was at the hospital most of the day, *pain,* am going to bed... will talk to everyone soon.


yanub said...

Oh dear! May things go for the best.

D Phoenix said...

I'm sorry I haven't been around for awhile. I have secured insurance and my living situation now and will have floors installed on Thursday, so I hope to be in the loop by next week. As long as I get over this flu. Arrgh. But hey, I'm thinking of you and I do hope that your grandfather recovers ok. You've been juggling so much lately. Do take care. I wish you strength and the least amount of pain possible and the best outcomes possible.

FridaWrites said...

Donimo, I am so glad you have insurance. Did you guys move or did you stay in the same place with the leak/tenant problem more addressed? Hope to hear from you soon! And hope you feel better.