Saturday, September 12, 2009

Things Going Better Again

To my surprise (shock?), my grandfather was back off the oxygen mask this morning, eating fine on his own, and talking well. So he was able to say exactly what he wanted and didn't want in very clear terms. This makes it much easier for everyone. What annoys me is that the nurse wrote in his chart last night that he did not want to be intubated again at all and that is absolutely untrue. They are considering a trach and hospice, intubation if needed for a while again briefly. The nurse had no right to do that, and no one said that to her.

We may be on this roller coaster a while until a point of stasis is achieved or if he passes away soon. He has strong willpower! That's good--it's gotten him very far in his life and allowed him to be healthy and strong as long as possible.

Anyway, it is good that he can express what he wants very clearly and others don't have to make that decision right now. My grandmother is fine with his decision, and that's what counts.

My grandmother is wearing herself down, insisting on being at the hospital 15 hours a day.

Now my husband's grandmother was hospitalized this morning with COPD too, at a different hospital, but not in ICU. Everything at once!


The Goldfish said...

Thinking of you, FW. :-)

One Sick Mother said...

Well I'm glad he turned a little corner, and can tell people his wishes. It it very troubling to find yourself trying to guess what someone would want in a particular set of circumstances.

..and that nurse should be flogged.


yanub said...

Wait, wait, wait....Your grandfather, in front of witnesses, stated that he wants intubation as a temporary measure in preparation for a trach, and still the nurse wrote on his chart that there is to be no intubation? Heads should roll.

I hope that all the grandparents in your family achieve some health stability, and that their wishes for how they should be treated be respected.

FridaWrites said...

Thanks, all. My aunt and I are both happy to advocate for them in any way needed as needed but they prefer to let things go right now. I don't think they have the reserves to get upset about a lot beyond his health condition right now. But yes, they made it clear to his doctor what he wants, and I really believe that my grandmother explained to him what happened with the nurse the night before. She can't make assumptions like that.

Now they've put him in a regular room (!), and he did get to talk to my son last night too. I'm surprised they moved him out of ICU after the troubles the day before, but I think he'll be much more comfortable there. Quieter, less people traffic, nice big window and can turn up the TV. More comfortable for my grandmother to sit there close by (couch that unfolds there).

FridaWrites said...

They do have a vent/tubing in the room ready to be used for him if he needs. Psychologically/physically I think he'll recover better out of ICU.