Thursday, October 29, 2009

New Podlett, New Doctor

My new fleece Podlett came in the mail today--the first thing I've bought for myself since I can remember (before the layoff; reimbursed medical products excepted). The Podlett can be used as a wheelchair blanket and there's a pocket for your feet that comes up behind the knees. No more hypothermia on campouts and fall events and getting blankets muddy and grassy as they fall off my lap, while the back of my legs and my feet still freeze. I'll still have to wear thermal underwear when it's really cold. I love it! You could probably also fit another lightweight layer/blanket inside it if you needed.
I bought this with our ebay money--maybe I shouldn't have, but I would have to stay at home a lot otherwise. The scooter wheels do not like blankets, and I can't steer and hold one in place. It will be used--at home too. On last year's annual campout I got hypothermia quickly and could not get completely warm the whole weekend. This time, I sweat in my long johns on the way down rather than waiting to change, and the Podlett will be on immediately and can be used in the tent. My husband will also go down earlier with someone else to set up the tent and start a fire.

The new doctor/internist: I like her a lot. The door in her office was hung on the wrong end of the door frame so it's *very* difficult to get in and out of the patient room because it can't be opened all the way--wondering if I should suggest that this be moved to the other part of the door frame. Yes, we called first.

High pain/going. I will catch up on emails to several of you soon.


yanub said...

Frida, I've caught up with your posts! Yay!

I'm glad you and your husband at least have some sort of truce worked out, even if he still doesn't really get it. The last thing you need right now is another source of stress when you need all your resources so you can get your family through the unavoidable hardships that have hit y'all.

The podlett seems like a great idea. I will have to investigate that one further!

Oh, and your posts about rudeness--sister, you speak truth.

FridaWrites said...

Thanks for the continuing support--yes, we need to get through the other stresses, not add to them. This one was just one too many, esp. while my grandfather was very end-stage.

I am also going to get a pack of those hand and foot warmers by HeatMax--I have a gift certificate that I can use for those. And watch--temperatures will probably be sweltering!

Thanks (curtsy)--that's been a lot to read!