Saturday, December 5, 2009


The COBRA subsidies are ending this month, unemployment is at its highest since the Great Depression, families have lost their homes and are homeless, health care reform is debated in the Senate, there's still the war abroad, there is no food at the food pantries, seniors are going hungry because Meals on Wheel is drying up, but--

the news focus on Tiger Woods' affairs? We are stuck with tabloid journalism when the world needs change. Instead the media takes joy in putting pressure on people until they crack. Who cares?

We need change. I see Obamas's ratings are below 50%--why, because he's cleaning up someone else's mess, actually trying to help?

Food stamps have been renewed (don't know what took so long the first time) and we can order Angel Food. Satanic Insurance, Inc. is going to allow my husband to go off insurance--the subsidy will probably come through to late for him. Once you're off COBRA, you're off. My insurance will still increase from $323 to $650 because it's pro-rated for each person you add. So with the catastrophe insurance, we'll be paying $700 a month, double the current rate.

It's not just us--what will be the cost of people not having manageable illnesses treated in a timely way?


Aviatrix said...

Re: pasta water comment on EFM's blog: I thought of some suggestions, because I love a big pot of pasta.

* put the pot on the stove and then add the water a bit at a time, whatever you can lift, from another pot.
* later buy some hose you can attach to the tap so you can run the water from the tap right into the pot while it is on the stove.

If you don't have a strainer inside the pot that allows you to lift the noodles out and allow the water to cool on its own so you can reverse the procedure, you'll have to cook it al dente, then drag it off the element, because it will go on cooking a little. Basket strainers are worth it.

FridaWrites said...

Thanks, Aviatrix--I only cooked 8 oz. and it was still a problem! I only have a plastic colander but I think a basket strainer sounds like a great idea when I can get one.