Thursday, December 17, 2009

Frida and the Sea Monkeys

This awesome acrylic painting of Frida Kahlo by Kipling West features a horde of sea monkeys and a packet of brine shrimp for a necklace, an allusion to a self-portrait with Frida's pet monkey. It brings to mind items you coveted as a child but that Santa just isn't allowed to bring. You remember those were advertised in the Archie and Superman comic books? I also coveted the Kenner tree house and Weeble Wobbles that friends had, but I don't think I ever added them to my list; the old Fisher Price Little People houses were what my sister and I loved best. The sea monkeys remind me of last Christmas, when my son, who's not yet discovered the real Santa, saw his new pair of real mice and pleaded, "Mom, please let me keep the mice! Santa brought them!" Oh, the irony! I did always want the sea monkeys, though my sister and I purchased an aquarium when we were older and that exceeded any visions of sea monkeys that danced through our heads.

Christmas items are on the way--and one surprise for hubby. He's not sold his watch and I've already cut my hair. Whew! Tenuousness. I am excited--gifts mean so much more when it's difficult to get them. :)

I've been in a lot of pain. Whenever a new dose of pain medicine kicks in a bit, then I crash and sleep from exhaustion. I don't understand it, how pain alone can tire like that.


One Sick Mother said...

Cute story about your son.

My daughter believed in Santa simply because she couldn't imagine that parents would be able to go out on Christmas Eve and get/wrap all that "stuff" in one night. I guess it never occurred to her that parents might be able to plan ahead.

Although I am her parent, so yeah. I understand how she might think that...

FridaWrites said...

Exactly--I don't typically do much of the shopping and my husband has so much to do. I think my son's also afraid that when he stops believing he won't get those gifts. I love that tuxedo cat in your photo image.

yanub said...

I'm glad to know Santa will be stopping by your place even this year.

Heh. I was one of those kids who knew for sure there was no Santa, because I had seen my parents play Easter Bunny and figured the whole thing out then, when I was 5. But I didn't want the gravy train to stop, so I didn't say anything for another 6 years. I haven't kept a secret so well since then.

FridaWrites said...

It seems to me you were a very wise child, yanub!