Monday, December 7, 2009

Too Cold!

The pet mouse has been too cold, and I can tell. She's made herself a little hive from nesting materials but I can tell that's not enough. We covered the back and the top of the cage with a towel, and I was thinking of cutting a piece of fleece or flannel but realized that still wouldn't insulate her quite enough--she'd stick it under her but not on top. So I looked up "how to keep mice warm." Gloves--insulated gloves--and we did have an unmatched one, a warm one. She's cozy now, went right to it. It's a funny little house, but it works great. The other mouse we had bought to replace the ex-companion was not healthy and never did well, alas (different pet store, we should have waited for more at the other store). This one approaches like a puppy dog when I call her or make kissing noises at her!

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