Monday, January 4, 2010

Gaaaaah, Pain!

I have not been able to sit up in the past week. I came within a second or so of passing out last night, I guess from pain--I'd felt dizzy/giddy like high on a helium balloon for a bit--couldn't figure out why, then boom--though I was already lying down in the best position for avoiding passing out. I managed to yell, "dizzy, something wrong!" first to alert others. Then my vision went almost completely, roaring sound in ears. I'm wondering if I have an ischial fracture instead of ischial bursitis; slept late, called rheumatologist re. x-ray or referral to orthopedist, haven't heard back yet.

I just want to go to Target for a couple of on sale items and another store for a fast exchange, maybe, and to get my son new shoes--he's got big honker feet all of a sudden. And I've been wanting to go for over a week now. My expectations are small and fairly reasonable.

Floundering some. Can't think straight. Pain medicine not enough. Husband says I must be in pain to sit on ice all the time when it's cold.

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