Thursday, February 4, 2010

Good News

My husband has a new job and starts next week!!

The insurance is with a company we used several years ago that seems to be a lot better; that will start in a few months. I will probably have to go back to my former rheumatologist, though; very unfortunate since this one is so good. The company, which is very small (about 100) self-pays to save costs--in other words, it's not true insurance but a plan managed by an insurance company. The company pays directly for all medical costs. This makes me nervous since the company will see expenses go up some--though of course other people have babies and surgeries and other costly events. Enbrel is high cost and I have had to have a lot of surgeries and procedures in addition to more regular appointments, diagnostics, and regular labwork to monitor the changes. I always hope the more expensive (and distressing) events are behind me. And I feel paranoid about staying on a high cost drug ($15,000 a year). I don't know if the company/HR knows which employees they are paying out on. I imagine looking costly to people at family events, who will know why they're paying more for insurance; certainly it would be wise to keep my medical information very private or to minimize ("just arthritis!"). One reason that I stay anonymous--for his employability as well as mine if circumstances change.

All of this, of course, feels minor after nearly a year of unemployment and being very close to being out of our home.

In other good news, if I had a kidney stone (or stones), it passed. I was feeling much better during the evening yesterday, though I woke up with a yelp at one point last night, was gasping while lying on the x-ray table, and still have some pain. The IVP, sonogram, and cystoscopy all came back just fine--no other issues. What a reminder to drink lots of fluids! I did have kidney pain and bleeding. It is still possible that Enbrel caused it. We'll just have to be watchful and careful. I am *very* thankful not to have to deal with more procedures to rid myself of stones right before my husband starts a new job and that there is nothing extreme to worry about. I am feeling very relieved after a difficult morning full of procedures. I am back on the Florinef again. Somehow the instruction manual to me was misplaced.


Katja said...

Oh, super hooray on the work front! And a muted hooray for the insurance issues - I hope you will be able to work out getting the care you need.

FridaWrites said...

Thanks, Katja! Things will work out one way or another, I think.

yanub said...

I am so glad for you and your family. What a near thing, too, when y'all had just about had to give up everything.

FridaWrites said...

Yes, within a hair of it! We won't be wealthy, but we can make it.

Elizabeth McClung said...

YES!!! We start here, the obscenely weathly comes in a bit later - we are learning how fast being unemployed can burn out as there is no 'me' time or relaxation if there are more resumes to amend, more calls to make. That is finally over, a new routine, scary I guess, but thank goodness, good things do happen.