Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Please Help a Friend

...this include my friends who are not disabled.

Most but not all of my readers also read Elizabeth's blog ( Her wife Linda has lost her job and unemployment is there is a tiny fraction of our unemployment, not even $500, with NO food stamps. Elizabeth may also lose insurance by the end of the month, as hers was through Linda's job and she is just now eligible for disability because of this job loss in her family. There is no COBRA as there is in the U.S. (Americans need to become aware of the limitations in universal care in Canada, especially the poorer provinces). They don't have a place to go locally if they can't meet the rent.

On her Amazon wish list, Elizabeth has a list of essential over-the-counter medicines and Gatorade that she must have for her dysautonomia. These will help. Also, if you can get a CANADA Safeway or CANADA Thrifty's gift card. Otherwise, you can also donate to their medical account at the link in the right column at:

I know many of us are so strained financially, but I can honestly tell you what a huge difference $15, $20, $40 or more can make after unemployment for almost a year. It can make the difference between eating or not eating, getting the gas money to go home or worrying if you can get back, getting dishwasher soap, keeping phone and internet for job searches and personal survival for someone who's disabled and at home. The small donations we received meant just as much and always went for immediate needs. If you can donate something else, she'd like a few manga from her wishlist--she's alone a lot, can't concentrate on or see finer text, and this gives her something to do during long hours of the day and during times of intense pain.

Please help out, friends.

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