Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Day!

Record snowfalls=snow day. That just doesn't happen often. Beautiful, like a fairyland.

Grateful for this since it's been a long week. My husband was also gone Sunday for one last interview Monday and I had two sick kids and a major pain flare. Can't wait for the chair (will be before end of March)--that will make caring for myself without help far easier/with less pain--it removes two transfers every time I must go to the restroom (couch or bed-chair-toilet-->the couch is particularly difficult to move from) and means fewer transfers/getting up in general because I won't need to get up so much--or avoid it, as I had to do yesterday. I'll already be in the chair. The kids got everything ready for dinner last night except cooking the meat--my husband has a long commute. I just could not sit up much after overdoing Sunday and Monday.

So very relieved about the approval too--my husband will be doing a fair amount of international travel. I think he'll have good opportunities there and he's very interested in this new work, though we both wish for a higher salary (he's making far less)--if he had got the job he interviewed for on Monday, we'd have been able to hire a caregiver part-time and meet all financial obligations and work toward our future more. He can reapply there in a year, though--this company hires people all the time, and the manager said he was on the fence about him, that his coding just needed to be faster (which it will be again in two to three months, with skills more specific to that sub-field). Not only would the location be beautiful and liberal and artsy, but there would be no medical copays at all, none. No insurance premiums, no copays. Granted, what insurance turns down (seat elevator on wheelchair, for example) we'd have to, but that would be far less than the extraordinary expenses we've had. On this salary, I can't continue on Enbrel because of the extreme co-pay; we just can't afford that and meet our other obligations, including immediate medical needs that arise.

But I don't have to worry about being the most medically expensive--a lot of the people in the company are much older and have recently had double knee replacements and lumbar surgeries. Obviously we all have the responsibility to be responsible, but I think we'll be okay if urgent needs arise. I don't foresee any other surgeries needed soon and my other medicines are cheap--generics.

Just lots of adjustments this week--physical, mental.


Elizabeth McClung said...

I am glad he has a job, I just don't, can't comprehend the level of pain without enebrel. I want to do something, I want to do something, I don't know what to do. I don't know what to do. Help me know how to help you?

FridaWrites said...

I'm okay right now--just not thinky. I am not sure that Enbrel was helping much --I don't seem to have had a big pain flare at all from being off it temporarily. Hope to email tomorrow!

Elizabeth McClung said...

Well since Enebel costs $10,000 a year, if it can be replaced with something else that is good but to be in pain all the time, that is BAD.

FridaWrites said...

I have some on hand for now, and I'll see what the rheumatologist says next week. The pain medicine seems to help way more than Enbrel, though I don't know.