Thursday, May 6, 2010

Equal Opportunity Silence and Portraits in Miniature

I am sadly behind on correspondence--to readers, don't worry, our friendship is fine. I've been without a computer for long spans of time the past few weeks, punctuated by long periods of browser crashing and computer crashing. One day it took me 14 hours to read one blog that I wanted to. I hardly know who to catch up with first!

The BADD entries this year are awesome but I haven't replied in comments yet to many of them at all.

I think I have to scale back to do more of what I want to--that means shorter blogs so that I blog at all, shorter emails so that I can connect with people more often as I would like. I'm having cognitive issues as well as physical ones. This idea came from me from knitting something very small and then trying to do something larger--the pattern and texture make me want to keep going, but I can't. So I'm going to try working in miniature for a while and see if I can get more done. Jane Austen did this, Emily Dickinson did this. Adrienne Rich wrote short poems because she said that's all she could hold in her head while her children were playing. Frida painted on small canvases since they were angled just over her in bed. So I'm going to try working small and simple for a bit. Join me if you like.

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