Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"Small" Blessings

My uncle just got a job two years to the day after he was laid off.  He's been looking for work in our city, living out of state from his very severely cognitively disabled teenager and his blind wife.  Their teenage daughter is homeschooled and has been doing a lot of the caregiving, along with some college student neighbors.  He will work here for a while to earn enough money to move them here. 

May everything begin to turn around for many more families.

My daughter and I are watching a television episode on TLC called "Pregnant and Homeless."  The mother is worried her toddler and baby will be taken away because of their poverty.  The mother has lost fifteen pounds since the beginning of her pregnancy, but they are ineligible for food benefits because the husband stole a car when he was 21 (my daughter said that; later it was said it's because they were homeless).  This is *reality* television.  Right now, this is America for a lot of people.

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