Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Busy Weeks

I am always a bit mystified that I always think summer will be less busy for us--while it's true that the kids are not in school, they have just as many activities and invitations, only different.  Between violin camp, Cub Scout camp, Girl Scout camp, birthdays, Father's Day, various appointments, having friends over, swimming, whew!  Our lives are getting back in order after unemployment; the process has been stressful but it's a relief to have a home and put this really difficult year behind us.  It's good to be outside and enjoy seeing others and have more time with the kids, but more tiring than I would have expected looking toward it from May.  So today I woke up with a stomach bug, I think from stress and getting my immune system down.  Oops.  Time to rest a little more.  It's not just about the joints and spine pain.

So what do you do to relieve stress?  Personally, I have found that taking some time to do small repetitive tasks can help--like knitting or playing a small video game on the ipod (think scramble or the whirly bugs game). I guess it's kind of meditative. When I am physically able to more, cleaning up, straightening my environment clears my head.  I often can't get the same endorphin/stress relief benefits I could from exercise several years ago, but whatever I can physically do helps.  Does your stress increase when you are less mobile?  What helps?


Lene Andersen said...

Read a book in the park. Often just sit and watch the dogs play, book forgotten. Quiets and centres me me quicker than anything.

I still haven't found anything to relax me as effectively in the winter.

e said...

Watch a movie, take a bath, nap, meditation...

I hope you are over the bug and having a great summer.

Today is Frida Kalho's birthday.

FridaWrites said...

Dogs=immediate stress relief. They live in the now.

Yes, definitely over the bug and having a good time.

Thanks for the birthday info--I made a short post on it.