Friday, March 28, 2008

Help Find the Cure for Disablism!

Disablism is a common disorder which can begin in early childhood, though its symptoms are often much more marked in adulthood. Without preventative measures, disablism can grow into a chronic condition that becomes more difficult to cure with time. Early detection and proper treatment are key to helping those with disablism lead stronger, more productive lives.


Is disablism contagious?
The jury is still out on this question. While some epidemiologists believe disablism may have a contagious aspect and may spread virulently, other researchers emphasize individual health habits and responsibilities.

What is the treatment?
Treatment varies by the degree to which the patient is affected. Treatment focuses on creating new, nondisablist behaviors. For patients unrectifiably deficient in empathy, legal remedies may be required. Please ask your doctor for more details.

What can I do?
Most importantly, educate yourself about disablism. Ask your health care provider, "am I disablist?" Equally important, watch for early signs of disablism in your loved ones and seek early treatment. Disablism is much more cureable in its early stages than when its victims become homicidal or harm others. In addition, help raise awareness about disablism. Discuss disablism and its harmful effects with others.

For more information and resources on disablism, call the Cure Disablism Network at 1-555-BE HUMAN.


The Goldfish said...

Of course, spontaneous recovery is not unknown. An injury or chronic illness can sometimes trigger a complete and lasting remission. :-)

FridaWrites said...

Brilliant! It often does.

jen said...

Hi Frida,
I read on your blog during the disability blog carnival about a book that people found really helpful with dealing with disability identity and disablism. I can't find the information on it now, all I remember was it was written by a woman with an unusual last name... My best friend is struggling with her newfound disability and I wanted to get her a helpful book for Christmas, if anyone here can make suggestions that would be wonderful, thank you!