Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It Girl, The Horror Movie

My hair has covered the shower drain in massive quantity over the past few days. This happened after my spine surgery and other procedures. I'm still not sure if it's from anesthesia or pain, though I do know I have lost hair like that after a fracture, after birth, and after severe sacroiliitis episodes. My husband says he doesn't notice the bald patch I had last summer. It was bad enough then that I started researching wigs or extensions.

My hair had grown to my shoulders again. Time to get it bobbed like I did in last summer, which makes it look more full. I used to have heavy long thick curls. It's a good thing or I'd be very wispy indeed. Self esteem takes such a beating from illness.

Someone told my husband thank you for honoring his marriage commitment. He was shocked and kind of insulted. I just don't think he can see me objectively anymore, and that's probably good.

Isn't this what often happens in the horror movies, the female villain loses all her hair? It really is particularly nightmarish and sickening. I'm afraid to look in the mirror after I get out of the shower.

Antibiotic kicked in for the little one.


yanub said...

A thank you for not being a scumbag really is an insult. No wonder your husband was shocked and insulted. The person who said those things to your husband has a sad view of the world.

I hope you've got a good hair catcher on your drain. If not, Walmart has these very cheap zipper drain cleaners that you stick down the drain and pull up on to remove the hair. Hair falls out when we are under stress, so it is no surprise you are losing yours right now, what with all that's been going on in the past month.

Jason Nolan said...

That's so strange, and yes I'd find it insulting... coming from a stranger. Many times my friends have told my wife (of 21 years) how great she is for sticking with me... and that's something I find comforting. Interesting how the location and proximity makes such a difference.

FridaWrites said...

Ah, my friends haven't left me because of my horror movie hair. Our drain is a great newer one and thus catches and cleans easily.

I think it just depends on the context and way in which it's said too. Statistically either illness or disability break up a lot of people, though I never understood that.