Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Life Carries On

My uncle told my grandparents that he wants to come live with "Frida and Frida's hubby" when the time comes (there are several options). There's been some waffling as different possibilities give him different opportunities and change what his life is like. But we really need to get papers signed for guardianship (and backups too--he may have a long life); my grandparents don't want to think about these issues so much, but they're very old and not in good health. I'm not sure what this means in terms of moving flexibility--he likes our state--but it's good there are backups and he's welcome anywhere we go. (For those who aren't regular readers, he's cognitively disabled.)

My grandparents also know about my husband's job and called to offer to pay our mortgage for several months if needed while he finds work. His company is going out of business and we're not sure if it will be purchased, as we hope--he's looking for other work to be safe. While I am fine with selling our home and moving to a smaller home or even an accessible apartment if needed, my greatest fear in this market is that we wouldn't be able to sell our home in a couple of months and would lose every penny we have put into it (a lot--we'll own it in 7 years). I know mortgage companies will often negotiate now so people can have a few months; after the first 60 days we'd have problems. And yes, I'd be looking for work too, despite the pain level.

This is not something I'd ever ask of anyone, so it brought tears to my eyes, just to have that sense of security.

Pain medicine just is not effective enough tonight. I would say it's not doing anything, but it is way better with it. Just really not enough. Can't concentrate.


yanub said...

Dang, Frida, I didn't realize your family was being affected by the downturn. Right now, I am feeling so lucky personally, because my employment is secure. It may end up being a hateful, exhausting, thankless job as cut-backs are made in other ways and to other positions, but it will still be there.

I can see why your uncle would want to live with you and your husband. You surely provide a home that is full of the warmth and love that shows in your blogging.

FridaWrites said...

It's not a guarantee that he'll be out of work--it's just contingent on another company buying his out. We'll hope for the best.

Thanks so much, yanub, that's very sweet! His sisters would also be good with him, though they're older than he is and it would be good to minimize transitions. He lost one of his cats, Fluffy, last week. :( The other cat is mourning too, though they went round and round.

D Phoenix said...

I'm sorry you pain medication isn't cutting it. Can you ask the doc for better pain management or is this the best you can hope for?

I do hope that your husband finds out about his job situation soon. It's tough not knowing what you need to adjust to. Very nice of the Grandparents to offer such concrete support.

It seems like you and your husband make a very strong team and you'll figure out how to make this work.

FridaWrites said...

This is probably the best I can hope for without drugs like fentanyl--I think it's a temporary pain flare, though.

Yes, he and I generally balance each other well. It will be nice when we have a better idea of what will happen.