Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Volleyball Update

I received two emails of support from other parents today and the coach apologized at length; the assistant coach also emailed. I don't understand what the coach did but I think we can go on. One parent says I should have thought about what I said to everyone, which is just weird. What I said was pretty darn gentle--I pointed out why I need the space; my friend says it was just right and merciful to the culprits, who weren't singled out in any way or ticketed. The police could have made over $1500 (presumed first offense) plus about $100 in court fees per person right there.


yanub said...

The one parent who took umbrage at your remarks is not worth taking into account. There are people who will always be insulted when the disenfranchised have the temerity to speak out. What matters is that by speaking out, you are beginning to see things turn around. Perhaps this coach can be turned into an advocate so that, in the future, no other parents or students will be denied access to the school community.

FridaWrites said...

I do agree that many people are potential advocates or allies, and I think this does include the coach.

Someone will prob. always have odd or atypical reactions--I definitely learned that on the job.

This did finally spur me to contact transportation and some other departments at the district level to let them know about some of the general problems, stating I'm definitely not the only one affected. This includes problems like the school buses parking on curb cuts, which is just a matter of (re)training and pointing out the danger.

Lisa Moon said...

Well, when my former vocabulary eludes me, I'm pleased to see someone - Yanub, this time and often :) - has said what I wished to say already!

I would tend to suspect the parent who felt you shouldn't have said what you did is like a guilty party - if not this time, then perhaps another - and is feeling some guilt... or perhaps knows who did the deed and 'knows they're a good person' or some such excuse. You notice people seem to have these excuses as to why their behaviour is justified?!

You're in the RIGHT, and I'm betting you were gentle and polite with your message. Brava to you!

I'm thrilled that in your area the police have the ability to act in this manner, as it is not the same everywhere, sadly and ANGRILY!

Thanks for 'fighting the good fight' for all of us!

FridaWrites said...

One of my pet peeves is indeed when people can't just 'fess up to a mistake so that both people can move on together. And in retrospect/after another week of practice, I think you are right that she was one of the guilty parties.

Rather than examine herself or her own motivations, she chose to lash out. It's easier than an apology or learning.

Thanks for your feedback/support.