Monday, February 16, 2009

Wheelchair for Dance

No Snoopy told me about this wheelchair for dance, the Rolling Dance Wheelchair, which allows movement in more planes than a seat that won't tilt or move with your body. It operates completely hands free (no joystick, no hands on the wheels), and uses the abdominal muscles:

I am still not completely sure how it works--I'd have to try it--but am intrigued by that power option.

Visual description: The wheelchair base looks similar to the base for many power wheelchairs--though its wheels are smaller than many. It has no armrests and the seat will move and tip smoothly. The dancer can use his or her hands without interruption.

One difficulty with scooter motion is its limitations in moving in different planes. The base of this chair is small and sits almost directly under its user, giving more freedom. Dancing's one of the things I miss most--being en pointe is exhilirating (and dangerous). I thought of dancing with the scooter once with my daughter in public but did not--didn't want to embarrass myself, though I thought I could do it. Scooters are a little awkward in that regard.

**The whole chair is attached to the joystick mechanism, which makes me think steering may be so simple as tilting the chair forward or to the side. Though what if you want to lean back and go forward?

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