Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hi, Dear Readers

I have an alleged kidney stone and related bleeding/technicolor lab samples that are giving me grief (though it's not comparable to birthing a baby, it just won't budge and I'm very uncomfortable/can't rest easily). I had an early appointment today and have an IVP and a second doctor's appointment later this week. That's after four doctor appointments last week (I *never* want to do that again, tried to change the fourth but couldn't). I was prescribed Florinef for amazingly low blood pressure that had lasted several weeks. Amazingly, the low blood pressure mostly went away by the end of last week. The culprit may be Enbrel and steroids for each of these. Hoping the kidney stone will be just as amazing and do a disappearing act so that I can be blogging away and doing other writing soon.

This, my friends, is why I prefer not to be on a lot of medicines. I just don't react well to them.

However, I should have some good news to announce soon. Hanging in there in the meantime--a wonderful gift box from Elizabeth, Cheryl, and Linda is still bringing me much enjoyment and needed distraction, and I've had two visits from friends recently. These mean so, so much after many lonely weeks.

Eloquence is gone. Coming back to the post, I remember to say the injection into the ischial spine went well and I can sit up more without trying to throw myself backwards to relieve pain. I still can't do it for long and still need the rehab chair with tilt.


e said...

Hi, Dear Frida,

I have not forgotten you...what can I do to help? I will answer you last e-mail again, and hope that it finds you less pained...

Thanks for the link you sent...


FridaWrites said...

I am feeling a little less pain now--maybe something's moving, or maybe it's the pain medicine, not sure. I do feel afraid--just hearing from you helps. And so does seeing the picture of the kitty.

Sure--I thought I should have ordered the frog legs for the power chair, keeping the caster but replacing the y--I wasn't aware they had them for that until I looked it up for yours. It might be approved as medical necessity (for you or me) since it would relieve pain and prevent damage and so many expensive interventions just from bumping around.