Monday, April 29, 2013

Gathering Entries for ADBC through May 4--and Blogging Against Disablism Day

Hi, all, because of the close proximity to Blogging Against Disablism Day, for which many of us write, Sharon and I decided to move the deadline for the Assistance Dog Blog Carnival to May 4, with a goal of publishing all the entries together on May 6.

In the meantime, Blogging Against Disablism Day takes place this Wednesday, May 1.  Goldfish hosts this large event annually, and puts in a lot of time to raise awareness about disablism.  This is its eighth year.  There is a wonderful diversity of experiences and voices represented every time, and it's very worthwhile to spend time in the days after reading as many as you can.  You'll find experiences similar to your own as well as possible solutions, advocacy ideas, and encouragement.  Whether or not you are participating, please let others both in and outside the disability community know about it, both now so they can participate and later so they can learn about the forms disablism takes.  This blogging event is a wonderful way to network with other online disability activists and scholars.

For the Assistance Dog Blog Carnival, the topic is Resources and Tools.  Let others in the service dog community know of any of your discoveries--organizations, videos, supplies, or ideas--that help make life easier for working teams and potential teams.  Anyone who is interested is welcome to participate.  If you need any help with your blog post or want to bounce an idea off me, feel free to email (fridawrites @ gmail. com).  Catch us the next time if you need to because of your schedule or your health, but if you haven't had a chance to write, feel free to do so.

And again, please provide invitations to anyone else you think would like to join us!

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